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Brief description

The tourist sector is crucial for the prosperity of the Greece-Albania cross-border area, but in order for it to reach its full potential, it has to be further supported, especially towards valorising its rich cultural and natural heritage, towards optimizing the offered tourist services and towards creating new, improved and more inclusive tourist products, including for new emerging target groups. 

The main goal of the 4ALL project is to offer foundational and practical support for establishing the region as an international destination for accessible tourism, including for seniors, persons with disabilities and persons with reduced mobility in general. 

To this end, the project 4ALL aims at: 

  • importing international good practices and exchanging know-how related to the improvement of the accessibility of cultural and natural heritage assets 
  • revitalizing, maintaining and improving the accessibility of selected assets, such as at the Castle of Berat (UNESCO monument) and at the National Park of Pindos (Natura 2000 ecosystem) 
  • improving the capacity of heritage authorities, as well as of professionals from tourism field, in better addressing the needs of senior and disabled tourists 
  • raising awareness and advocating to the locals, especially to young people, the potential of heritage tourism, the significance of endorsing sustainable strategies and the principles of design for all 
  • mapping the accessibility of key cultural and natural assets of the area, after collecting data from the field systematically 
  • improving the visibility of assets and services that are accessible and friendly to all, through various physical and electronic means and actions 
  • creating means for measuring the visitors’ behaviour and satisfaction levels 

initiating consultation among key stakeholders towards the development of a joint strategic plan for branding the cross-border area as an international destination for heritage tourism, of high quality, free of barriers for all, at low to medium cost, and for all year round.